​60 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £80
​60 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £80


Holistic Massage is an oil based treatment focusing on all the major muscle groups. Light to deep pressure is applied to the muscles which may help to increase circulation, release toxins, improve skin tone, soothe tired muscles, relax the mind and body and promote healing.


Perfect for specific issues such as muscle tension, tight or stiff neck and shoulders, sore legs or feet, lower back issues and many others.


You will usually feel very relaxed and calm afterwards and often more open and free of tensions.

Thai Yoga Massage is a 3000 year old tradition.


Working over clothing, the whole body is treated on both a physical and energetic level. Acupressure is applied along the body's energy lines using thumbs, palms, elbows and feet with applied yoga stretches. Thai yoga massage is often called ‘lazy man’s yoga’!


You often leave feeling stretched, energised, balanced, uplifted and peaceful.


30 minutes - £40
45 minutes - ​£50
60 minutes - £60

Based on the Indian Ayurvedic system of healing this treatment helps to release stress that accumulates in the muscles and joints of the upper body.


The massage focuses on the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. It is performed over clothing and oil may be used on the scalp and hair.


Perfect if you have limited time or space as it's done while you're seated and can even be done at your place of work.


You will feel relaxed yet lively after this stimulating massage.

​60 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £80

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art and science of balancing the body's energy on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.


Reiki means 'Universal Life force Energy' and Reiki practitioners act as channels to pass energy to the client and redress imbalances.


Treatments are performed over clothing while either laying down or seated. Reiki is a very gentle and non-invasive treatment with the practitioner’s hands either just above or resting gently on the body.


You will normally feel deeply relaxed, uplifted, calm and peaceful.

Sports Massage can help with specific injuries or chronic, ongoing issues. Various tests and assessments are used to determine specifically what and where the issue is. Then a treatment is offered using specific deep tissue techniques, manipulations and stretches to help improve the problem.


This is perfect for athletes or those suffering from ongoing issues.


You usually feel more movement and mobility.

Deep Tissue massage uses specific techniques and manipulations to help release those annoying 'knots' we all have in our bodies. These techniques can include deep, static pressures with thumbs or elbows, percussive techniques, friction-like movements across muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments as well as specific stretches to help release tension and tightness.


While this can be deep I always work with you to stay within your comfort-zone.


​60 minutes - £60
90 minutes - £80
​30 minutes - £40
45 minutes - £50

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