Also called Full-Body or Swedish massage. An oil based treatment focusing on all the major muscle groups. Deeply relaxing and rejuvinating.


Helps injuries or chronic issues using specific deep tissue techniques, manipulations and stretches. Perfect for athletes or those suffering from ongoing 'everyday' issues.

Acupressure along the body's energy lines using thumbs, palms, elbows and feet with applied yoga stretches. Often called ‘lazy man’s yoga'!

Uses specific, pin-point techniques and manipulations to help release those annoying and persistent 'knots' we all have in our bodies.

A gentle ancient Japanese art and science of balancing the body's energy on a physical, spiritual and emotional level.

Based on the Indian Ayurvedic system this treatment helps release stress in the muscles and joints of the upper body.


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Here's a really quick 1-minute self-massage tip to help with awkward stiffness and tension in the neck caused by sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen for too long. Really easy to do at your office desk or anywhere.